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Book Review Animal Spy by Terry Spamer

Animal Spy - Animal Welfare Behind Enemy Lines

By Terry Spamer and Gordon Thorburn

ISBN 9781910198827

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Terry Spamer reveals eye opening and shocking experiences through his work fighting animal crulety travelling the globe from Ghana, the UK over to Scandinavia throughout this book which leaves the reader in shock at the actions of the people exposed within his stories.

As I picked up this book I was captivated from start to finish hanging on Terry's every word.

He looks at Monkey smugglers, the illegal ivory trade, reindeer abuse, dog fighting rings and so much more keeping his writing interesting and educational along side pushing his message of fighting animal cruelty.
One note I would advise on is that within the book Terry gives a warning at the start of a chapter saying "if you are squeamish just skip this chapter", I then went forward thinking there will be nothing that bad but I was wrong. Now if you are squeamish then take his warning and skip that chapter but overall I think his inclusion of a very hard to read chapter did push his message of animal welfare within the book.

After finishing this book I would highly recommend it and may have to read it again.
Terry gave many eye opening experiences which were very interesting and captivating all at the same time of learning about animal welfare.


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